Down hairstyles
Down hairstyles
Traditionally, wedding hairstyle associated with the long hair. Most of the hair styles are for these brides. However, the fashion for natural does not pass that affects preferences and tastes. For example, a few years ago a powerful three-dimensional design of down hairstyles with glamorous decorative elements was very popular but now this trend is in the past. Now half up half down hairstyles changed and became more natural.
The most popular wedding hairstyles now are braids of different shapes and lengths, with or without accessories, as well as the classic wedding hairstyle. Easy down hairstyles with straight or side parting is also good and popular now.
French braids as a kind of hair down hairstyles looks especially cute when it comes to the down wedding hairstyles. There are various techniques of curling hair depens on the structure of the bride's hair and wishes of every bride. Fixed at the nape hairstyles down will look great with long earrings.
Down hair is the best material for any down hairstyle (prom half up half down hair, party up down hairstyles, bridal hairstyles down) by the fact that one can create almost any look. That is why, in the new season different types of waves and curls will be in trend again. Such curly down hairstyles will add volume and romance. It is an ideal with a lace wedding dress! At the same time, owners of straight hair is not recommended for small curls due to the fact that, initially the image is quite specific and is suitable not for everyone. Unfortunately this wedding down hairstyle will not last long.

In times of practicality and convenience most ladies prefer modern and simple half up half down hairstyles, where the individual curls can go asymmetrically, with minimal use of hairspray, and in some cases with the effect of light negligence.

If you love and prefer as you everyday hairstyle short hair, there are many options that created just for you! Main trend of new season is bob. You can do part down the middle hairstyles combined with curls or just pixie haircut. To create extra volume, you can use fresh flowers.

Our wedding stylist will create beautiful down hairstyles for any hair length. We create large curls for wedding (down curls, half up half down curls, one side curls, soft curls, beach curls, hollywood waves, boho curls) quite often as it is a classic down hairstyle which matches almost any style of wedding dress and any style of wedding in general.

On the wedding day, we fix the curls as best as we can without fall it down for you to enjoy your hairstyle as long as possible.

However, there is one issue that not all types of hair are good for long lasting curls for the whole day, therefore we advise you to make a trial of your wedding down hairstyle in advance to check how long the hairstyle will survive, and to consult a master who will check the type of your hair.

In case if your hair holds curls not good enough, during the trial we will advise you to use clip in human hair extensions, we choose hair extensions that match your hair color and create down hairstyle. It is included in the price of a wedding hair.

Bridal hair down looks very beautiful on every bride. There are a lot of kind of bridal down hairstyles.
Wedding down hairstyles with veil create light and tender look for church. Bridal veil is the most traditional accessory for wedding ceremony. Modern brides like classic long veils with lace and fancy work. Bridal hair down styles with veil are very popular among brides that choose classic modern style of wedding. Sometimes veil can be heavy because of its weight and your wedding stylist need to pay attention for that when he works with your hairstyle.

Wedding hair down with headband is also very traditional and popular kind of bridal hairstyles. Now there are a lot of different headbands from very small and thin that create simple and elegant wedding look to large and gorgeous massive headbands that prefer brides who choose glamorous style of wedding.

Bridal hair down to the side is a good choice for bride when it is a hot weather at her wedding day. From one side she has her hair down - romantic elegant glamorous curls down. But from another point her hair is fixed and designed that way that she has hair only on one shoulder. It is very comfortable especialy at the hot day.

You can decorate every bridal hair down with flower or flowers. Bridal hair down with flower is always on point and give you romantic and soft look. It is a very good choice for beach wedding, rustic or boho wedding style.